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Top Spanish beaches

We possibly take for granted the top spanish beaches we enjoy in all the main resorts. However if we just pause for one minute and reflect on the sheer quantity of fantastic playas in Spain it`s no wonder that the country is the top holiday destination for many europeans. The Spanish certainly appreciate their beaches and ensure that they are regulary cleaned and are supported by all the modern facilities that tourists now expect to enjoy. We have selected a number of these beaches and have added some personal experiences from each one.


There are some good reasons why Benidorm has been a favourite destination for so many holiday-makers over the last 30 years. One of the main ones is the Playa Levante, which has got to be one of the best beaches in Europe.

Observation - despite the popularity for Brits and other foreigners, the main language you hear is Spanish!

benidorm levante playa


Benidorm - Playa Levante



The Levante playa is so big that onlookers from the promontory in the Old Town can spend ages gazing on all the activities and sights in front of them. You do need to get a little nearer to see and appreciate some of the excellent sand sculptures on the beach.

benidorm levante playa from the old town

Benidorm - Playa Levante


Levante at night is stunning. The local authority has ensured the beach is well illuminated to create this wonderful aura. Also the sand cleaner machines work well into the night to preserve the freshness of the beach for the following day.

benidorm levante playa at night

Benidorm - Playa Levante

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

There are sand dunes and sand dunes, but the dunes in Maspalomas are just incredible. This mini wonder of the world separates the elegant Maspalomas resort of luxury hotels and villas from the more downmarket but popular resort of Playa del Ingles.The dunes are a natural protected area and habitat for a number of rare plant species some of which are unique to the Canaries. If you walk into the middle of these dunes you could imagine being in the deserts of Africa, so take care and plenty of water and hats!


maspalomas sands
Playa de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria

This popular resort in Gran Canaria is aptly named because the beach is impressive. Unlike most of the beaches in the Canaries, this playa is of golden sand not the usual volcanic variety. This must be influenced by the adjacent sands of Maspalomas. Does anyone know if this is true?

playa del ingles, gran canaria

Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria

La Manga del Mar Menor

La manga has two sets of beaches, one on either side of the strip. However, the Mediterranean facing beach is by far more impressive. In fact, this is probably the longest stretch of continuous beach in Spain. At 22 km. long this must be a record.

la manga del mar menor playa La manga del mar menor

Majorca, Palma

Just a few kilometres south out of Palma is the vast expanses of the playa c`an pastilla. The beach has a marvellous golden colour as you can see and is bordered by an equally impressive promenade.

majorca can pastilla playa near palma Palma de Majorca - Playa c`an pastilla

Majorca, Cala d`Or

Not all special beaches are large ones. The cove beaches in Cala d`Or are all quite small but exceptionally friendly! The geography means they are all very sheltered, so good on windy days.

majorca cala dor gran playa Majorca - Cala d`Or Gran Playa


Denia playa

On the carretera marines going out of the north side of Denia the beach is continuous soft sand for kilometres. This playa supports a large amount of holiday residences for good reason - it`s an excellent spot.


denia playa  

Torrevieja, La Mata

Torrevieja has at least five good beaches, but the pick of the bunch is the La Mata playa to the north of the town. It boasts at least 1km. of broad golden sand with oceans of space for beach activities of every kind. The bus from town only takes 15 minutes and costs 1.15 euros.

torrevieja la mata playa Torrevieja - la mata playa

Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

The sand colour is not great in Puerto del Carmen because of the volcanic rock. However the main beach is an impressive 300m long and 100m deep - plenty of room for sunbeds and ball games. This beach is across the road from a great selection of restaurants.

puerto del carmen playa Lanzarote puerto del carman playa

Alicante - San Juan Playa

This beach is one of the largest on the Costa del Sol, yet in May it`s one of the most unoccupied. Actually it`s so empty that it is almost eerie! Does anyone know if it is full in August?

san juan playa alicante Si usted prefiere a pasar mas tiempo a las playas, coge un autobus al norte por diez minutos a San Juan Playa. Cuando mira la playa estara impresionado.  Ella mide cerca tres kilometros de largo y un cien de ancho de arena magnifica y limpieza.  Un otro consejo – no coge el tranvia,  El viaje dura veinte minutos y la terminal esta todavia un caminar de veinte minutos de la playa!

Alicante - La Postiguet playa

If you are lucky and visit Alicante in May, you will see the festival de cometas (kites).

alicante postiguet beach

Santander, Cantabria - Sardinero Playa

The south of Spain does not have the monopoly on great beaches. The Sardinero playa in Santander is extremely popular and has a beautiful setting.


santander sardinero playa Sardinero Playa

Nerja - Burriana playa

There are some good beaches in Nerja on the Costa del Sol and Burriana is certainly one of them. It serves the population of local apartments and hotels as well as discerning visitors.Sheltering between headlands it is always warm and inviting. There is the added benefit of Ayo's famous paella eatery on the adjacent promenade - not to be missed!

burriana playa nerja  

Comillas, Cantabria



comillas playa cantabria Although a small town, Comillas has a super little beach with fantastic surrounding shoreline. Any visit to Cantabria must include a look at this.

La Pineda, Salou




la pineda playa salou This is a view looking south towards Salou, but northwards there is an identical attractive beach. This resort seems to have been kept a secret by the Spaniards, because you don`t see many foreigners on the paseo.


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