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Learn the commonly-used Spanish words and phrases from the spanish vocabulary below, then test yourself using the flashcards or investigate the other resources:


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Beginning with / Empezando con: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V
  A base de = con With / based on
  A diario = todos los dias Every day
  A la inversa The other way round, the opposite case
  A pelo Naked
  A propósito By the way / on purpose
¿A qué te dedicas?  What is your occupation?
  A rajatabla To the letter
  A ratos Occasionally, on and off
  A raíz de As a result of / based on
  A simple vista At first sight
  Abrelata Can opener
  Acabar To finish, to end
  Acariciar To stroke
  Acento Yorkshire tan cerrado A very strong Yorkshire accent
  Acoger To welcome warmly
  Acomodarse Adjust, adapt, to fit in
  Acto seguido right afterwards, straight-away
Actualmente At the moment / currently
  Actualizar Renovate
  Acudir = ir To go ( to a place )
¡Adelante! Go ahead!
Adiós Goodbye!
  Adivinar To guess
  Afueras (las) The outskirts
  Agarrarse To grab, hold on to, grapple, clinch
  Agobiarse To feel overwhelmed, stressed
  Agradable Pleasant, nice
  Aguantar = resistir To put up with (something you dislike)
  Al aire libre Outside
  Al alcance de su mano At your fingertips
  Algo alimenticio Something to do with food
¿Algo más? ¿Qué más? Anything else?
  Al revés Upside down / inside out
  Alagarse To get longer
  Alegrarse To be glad
  Alrededor Around / nearby / Close
  Alucinante Impressive (colloquial)
  Alucinar - estar muy sorprendido por algo To be amazed
  Alucino It's incredible / I'm amazed
Amable Friendly
  Amagar To threaten to do something/to appear to be about to do something
  Amargar To spoil, to make bitter, to make difficult
  Ambiente Navideño Christmas feeling
  Amenazar To threaten
  Ameno Entertaining, fun
  Amistad Friendship
  Ancho Wide
  Animarse To feel encouraged (to do something)
  Anoche Last night
Antes de Before
  Antes de que fueran novios (antes de que always takes the subjunctive) Before they were engaged
  Anda! Wow / gosh!
¡Anda, venga! Come on!
  Añorar To miss (lack of)
  Anglosajón English speaking
  Antelación A period in advance eg for booking algo
  Apenas = caso sin = escaso Hardly
  Aportar To give, contribute, add, provide
  Apoya Support
  Aprendizaje Learning process / Learning
  Aprobar una ley To pass a law
  Aprovechar To make the most of, take advantage of
Aproximadamente More or less / about
¡Aquí estás!  There you are!
  Arodillarse To kneel
  Arrasar o estar arrasando To be amazingly successful
  Arreglo ( una mejora) Improvement
  Arreglar To fix, repair, arrange
  Arrojar To throw
  Asequible Reasonable (price) also people
  Así Thus, this way
Así, así So-so
Así como As well as
Así es la vida That's life / such is life
  Asimismo Likewise, in the same way
  Aspecto look, appearance
  Asqueroso Horrible / disgusting
  Atareado Busy, well occupied with tasks
  Atasco Traffic jam
  Atorar To block, clog up, stuck, obstruct
  Atraer To attract, to draw
  Atrasado Slow
  Autónomo Self-employed
Aunque + subjunctive verb Even if
  Avispado Sharp, bright
  Ayudar To help
  Azucarada With sugar
  Barro Mud
Bastante Quite / fairly
  Bastar To be enough, to be sufficient
  Bajar las orejas To give in during a dispute
  Bajar música Download music
  Bajo ningún concepto Under no circumstances
  Belleza Beauty
Bien Good
  Boca abajo Upside down
  Boca arriba Face up
Bonito Pretty / nice
  Brindar To toast an occasion
¿Bromeas?  Are you kidding?
Buenos días Good day / morning
Buenas tardes Good afternoon
Buenas noches Good night
  Burbujas Bubbles
  Caber To fit
  Cabrearse Informal way of saying 'to get angry'
Cada Each
  Cada cosa a su tiempo All in good time / one thing at a time
  Cada cual en su corral Each to their own
  Cada vez menos Increasingly less
  Caer bien To be fond of / like (a person)
¡Cállate!  Shut up!
Cálmate Take it easy / calm down
  Campo campo Real countryside
  Cantamanañas Irresponsible, unreliable, deceitful
  Canto fatal I'm a terrible singer
  Capar el acceso To cut off access (to a web page)
  Captar To attract
  Caradura Cheeky person
  Caravana Traffic jam
  Cariño Love, affection
  Caserito Home made
  Cariñosa Loving
  Casi Almost, nearly
  Causar expectación There is a lot of expectation in something
  Centro turistico Resort
Cerca Nearby / close
  Cercanias Commuter trains serving outlying areas
  Cerrar con llave To lock
  Chamarra Jacket
  Chiquitito Very small
Chistoso / divertido / gracioso Funny
  Charcos Puddles
  Charlar To chat
  Chorizo Common thief
  Chungo Bad, nasty, ugly. Informally means difficult, problematic
  Cifras Numbers, figures
  Circulo vicioso A vicious circle
  Circunvalación Carretera que rodea una ciudad
  Cisne Swan
  Cita Appointment
  Cita a ciegas Blind date
  Cobrar To collect, charge, cash
  Coger To catch, take
  Coger manía To start disliking something or hating it
  Coger un resfriado To catch a cold
Coja... / Toma... Take...
  Colocar To put
  Comenzar To begin
  Como About / More or less
¿Cómo? How?
  Comodo Comfortable
  Como mucho At the most
  Cómo no You bet / of course
  Cómo si As if / as though
  Como si tal cosa As if nothing had happened
Compruébalo Check it out
  Concertar Arrange
  Concurrido Busy, crowded, well-attended, full of people
  Concursante Contestant
  Con diferencia Without doubt
Con gas, sin gas Fizzy, still
¿Con quién estás? Who are you with?
  Con suerte Luckily
Consúltalo en el diccionario Look it up in the dictionary
  Conseguir To get, achieve, obtain,
  Contestar To answer, to reply
Continúa Continue / go on
  Convertirse To become
Copia esto Write this down
  Cordillera Mountain chain
  Corriente = normal o poco especial Low quality, everyday eg wine
  Costar mucho trabajo To be hard to do
  Contaminantes / contaminadores Polluting
  Cotilleo Gossip
  Criar To raise, breed(animals), grow(flowers)
  Creo que sí I believe so / I guess so
  Cuando mucho At the most
¿Cuál es tu nombre? What is your name?
Cualquier Any
¿Cuánto? How much?
Cuídate Take care
  Cumbre (la) - pico de una montana Peak
  Cutre Seedy / trashy
  Dar ánimos To encourage
  Da gusto It's a pleasure to / it's nice to
  Da igual que ..subjunctive It doesn't matter
  Daños Damages
  Dar a luz = parir Give birth
  Dar asco Find something disgusting
  Dar bolas / bolitas To hit a few practice shots
  Dar en la diana To get something right
  Dar por sentado To take for granted / to assume
  Dar repelús To find something horrible
  Dar un susto To give someone a fright
  Dar una vuelta = hacer una ruta To go for a trip / walk
  Darse por vencido To surrender / to give in
  Darse una paliza To get a drubbing
Date prisa Hurry up
  De al lado Next door
  De antemano Beforehand, in advance
  De cara a = para For
  Decorados = adornos Decorations
  De golpe All at once
  De ida y vuelta Round trip
  De manera espontánea Spontaneously
  De mas veces From before, at other times in the past
  De media The average
  De un año para otro = cada año From one year to the next
  De una vez Once and for all
De vacaciones On holiday
  De vez en cuando Every now and again
  Debe serlo I'm pretty sure it is
Debido a Due to
  Debió de haber It must have, it should have
¡Déjame en paz! Leave me alone!
  Dejar To leave (behind); to allow, to let
  Dejar de To stop / to quit
  Dejar en paz To leave in peace
  Dejar una propina To leave a tip
  Del tiempo = a temperatura ambiente At room temperature eg wine
  Demasiado extremo Exaggeration / over the top
  Dependiente Shop assistant
  Derribar To demolish, knock down
  Desacuerdo Disagreement
  Desanimarse To feel discouraged
  Desarrollar una aplicación To develop a computer / internet application
  Desbordados Overwhelmed
  Descalzo Barefoot
  Desolador Depressing/distressing/devastating
  Desconocido Unknown
  Desconocimiento=Falta de conocimiento lack of knowledge
Desde From / since
  Desde luego Of course / certainly
  Despedida de soltero Stag party
  Despertar To wake, arouse, awaken (conjure up)
Después de... After...
  Destacar To stand out, emphazise, highlight
  Desvantaja Disadvantage
  Devolver To return, togive back, throw up
  Dia de Reys Epiphany
  Diafano (a) Open plan
Difícil Difficult
Disculpe... Excuse me...
  Discurso Speech
  Disponer = tener To have
  Dispuesto Willing, ready
  Distribucion gratuita = gratis Free
  Docencia Teaching
¿Dónde? Where?
¿Dónde estás? Where are you?
  Dormilón Sleepyhead
  Dueña Owner
Duro Hard
  Échame un capote Help me out / lend me a hand
  Echar de menos To miss someone, something
  Echar balones fuera To blame someone else
  Echar a volar To take off
  Echarse la siesta To take a siesta
  Educadamente Politely
  Efusivo, opposite to Comedidos Effusive opposite to Restrained
  Ejercer un derecho To exercise your right to do something
  En absoluto Absolutely not
  En aquel entonces = en aquella época At that time
Elección Choice
  Empujoncito A bit of a lift / help
  Encantador Delightful
  En efecto As a matter of fact / in fact
  Enfadada Angry
Enfrente de In front of / opposite
  Enfriamiento = resfriado A cold
  Engancharse To get hooked on something eg TV
Enhorabuena Congratulations
  En hora punta Rush hour
  En punto On the dot / on the hour
Enseguida = pronto = rápidamente Right away / immediately
  En serio Seriously / no kidding
  Enterarse To find something out
Entonces So / then
  En torno al Approximately, around (a number)
Entra Come in
  Entre comillas In inverted commas / quote unquote
  Entregar dinero a cuenta To pay a deposit
  Entremés Intermission
  Entretenido Entertaining
  En torno a = cerca de = aproximadamente Around, about
  En vias de desarrollo Developing countries
  En voz alta Loudly / Out loud
  Enseñanza Education
  Envuelto Wrapped
  Escoger = elegir To choose
Es fantástico It's fantastic
Es la mejor opción It's the best option
Es mentira It's a lie
Es un hecho It's a fact
Es una buena idea It's a good idea
Es una locura It's crazy
  Es una pasada It's incredible
Es una pena que / es una lástima It's a shame/pity that...
  Es muy rica She is lovely / sweet
  Escaparate Shop window
  Escaquaerse To cop out, skive off
Escríbemelo por favor Write it down for me please
  Esfera Social circle / social level
Eso es That's right
Espera un momento Wait a minute
Espero tu respuesta I await your answer
  Está bien? OK?
  Está muy de moda Fashionable
  Está para chuparse los dedos It's finger-licking good
  Estar aprovechando To take advantage of (a situation)
  Estar asqueada To be disgusted
  Estar de tourno To be 'on call'
  Estar disponible To be available
  Estar enganchado To be hooked, to have an addiction
  Estar en babia To be in your own world/another world
  Estar en caída libre To be in frefall
  Estar en paro To be unemployed
  Estar harto To be fed up
  Estar malito To be sick
  Estar mas al dia To be more up to date (informed)
  Estar orgulloso To feel proud
  Estar pachucho To be poorly
  Estar un rata To be really stingy, mean, tight
Estaremos en contacto We'll be in touch
  Estrenar To w
Estoy aprendiendo I'm learning
Estoy de acuerdo I agree
Estoy harto I'm fed up
Estoy muy enfadado I'm very annoyed
Estupendo Great
  Eternizarse To take forever
Exactamente Exactly
  Exagerado(a) An over the top person
  Exigir To demand
  Expectativas Expectations
  Explotar To use / make use of
  Eximirse To free oneself
Excelente trabajo Excellent work
  Fácil Easy
  Fatal Terrible, awful, very very bad
  Felices Pascuas Happy Easter
  Felicidades Congratulations
  Feliz año nuevo Happy New Year
  Feliz cumpleaños Happy birthday
  Feliz día de la madre Happy Mother's Day
  Feliz Navidad Merry Christmas
  Fijarse To pay attention, fix attention on
  Fin de ano = nochevieja New year's eve
  Flechazo = amor a primera vista Love at first sight
  Florecer To bloom, flower, flourish
  Forro polar Fleece
  Frente a frente face to face
  Fresco Cool
  Fulanito o Menganito So and so
  Gamberro Hooligan, naughty, troublemaker
  Gesto Gesture
  Goteras = humedades en el techo Leaks (water)
  Gracias Thank you
  Guara / cochina Dirty, unhygienic
  Ganar tiempo Save time / gain time
  Habilitados Specially prepared / designed
  Habitual Usual
  Habla más alto por favor Speak up please
  Hablando de Speaking of
  Hace ... años ... years ago
  Hace mucho long ago / a long time ago
  Hacer muy fresquito It's very cool (temperature)
  Hacer caso To pay attention
  Hacer cola To line up / to stand in line
  Hacer daño Be harmful / cause harm
  Hacer sobremesa To sit around a table after a meal
  Hace un frio que pela It's freezing
  Hacer un pacto = pactar Come to an agreement
  Hacer un poco el loco To act a little crazy
  Hacian la vista gorda To turn a blind eye
  Hasta Until
  Hasta las tantas Until very late
  ¿Hay? Is there? Are there?
  Hermoso Lovely, beautiful
  Hipoteca Mortgage
  Hizo el papel de Played the role of
  Hola Hello
  Hola, ¿qué tal? Hello, how are you?
  Hombre Well, ( to start off sentences)
  Hondo Deep
  Hortera Tacky
  Hogueras Bonfire
  Hoy me he levantado con el pie izquierdo I got up on the wrong side of the bed
  Huele que alimenta It smells great (food)
  Ilusionado Excited
  Inadmisible Intolerable
  Ineludible Unavoidable
  Involucrado (a) Involved
  Impactar To shock, to surprise
  Ir a la cabeza To be the leader in something
  Ir disfrazado (a) In disguise / fancy dress
  Ir más allá  
  Ir al grano To get to the point
  Jaleo Noise / racket
  Jordanas laboral Working timetable
  Juegos en red Online gambling
  Jubilados Retired people
  Jubilarse To retire
  Lamentablemente Unfortunately
  ¿Le gusta? Do you like?
  Le impresionaba mucho To be amazed / surprised
  Lío Confusion
  Llevar To take, carry, wear
  Llevar la contraria To disagree with someone
  Llevarse una impresión To get an impression of something
  Les da igual la gente They don't care about people
  Llevar a rajatabla To carry out to the letter, strictly
  Llevar un negocio To run a business
  Llámame Call me
  Locales commerciales Commercial premises
  Loncha Slice
  Lo pasamos bien We had a good time
  Lo retransmiten It is shown live on TV
  Lo siento I'm sorry
  Los mandos Those in charge
  Los niños tiran de los padres To persuade someone to do something
  Lo que mas destaca What stands out the most
  Lo unico The only thing
  Madrugar mucho To wake up very early
  Madurar To mature, to ripen
  Majo Friendly, pleasant, polite, nice
  Mal gusto Bad taste
  Malo para la salud Unhealthy
  Manifestación Demonstration
  Mandar a domicilio Home delivery
  Mando a distancia Remote control eg TV
  Mantener la frialdad To maintain your cool
  Maravilla (una) Something amazing / a wonderful thing
  Marcar tendencias = crear modas Create or lead fashion trends
  Marearse To feel sick
  Marcharse To leave ( a place )
  Marcha Nightlife
  Masificadas Crowded
  Mas rentable More profitable
  Me atrevo = tengo el valor I dare to
  Me da mucha pereza I can't be bothered/don't feel like doing
  Me da mucha rabia It really annoys me
  Me da repelús I find it disgusting
  Medianamente grande Medium sized
  Me encantaría I'd love to
  Me entran ganas = me apetece I feel like (doing something)
  Me has pillado You've caught me out (not knowing something)
  Me gusta I like
  Me horrorizaba It was horrifying / it horrified me
  Me parece fatal I think it's terrible / that's terrible
  Me puedes tutear You can speak to me using the tu form
  Me suena It sounds familiar / it rings a bell
  Me voy I'm off
  Medida Size / measure
  Medioambiente (m) Environment
  Menos mal que (gracias a Dios) Thank goodness
  Merecer To be worth it
  Meseros Waiters
  Meter la pata To put your foot in it
  Meterse a To become, get into
  Meterse con To have a go at someone
  Miedo Frightened
  Mientras / mientras que While / Whilst
  ¡Mire! Look!
  Mismisimo The man himself / the woman herself
  Muchas gracias Thanks very much
  Mitad Half
  Moda Fashion
  Mogollón A lot of (informal)
  Molestia Bother
  Mono (a) = lindo Sweet, beautiful (animal or child), cute
  Montaña rusa  
  Monton (m) A lot, a great quantity
  Mozo Porter
  Muchas gracias por su visita Thanks a lot for your visit
  Mucha pasta Loads of money
  Mucho A lot
  Muestras de afecto Signs of affection
  Muletilla Pet word, pet phrase, tag
  Multar To fine
  Muy bien, gracias Very well thank you
  Muy de vez en cuando Once in a blue moon
  Muy divertido Very enjoyable
  Muy maja, muy agradable Very nice
  Muy mal Very badly
  Muy reacia To be very much against something
  Muy transitada Busy (traffic)
  Nada Nothing
  Navigabilidad The way you navigate the internet / browse a web page
  Negar To deny
  Negociantes Businessmen
  Ni hablar No way!
  Ni siquiera Not even / not so much as
  Ningún problema No problem
  Ninguno None
  Nochebuena Christmas Eve
  No cabe duda Without doubt
  ¡No llegues tarde! Don't arrive late!
  No No
  No estar al alcance de Not within the reach of someone
  No hay color = es incomparable, es mejor  
  No hay de que Don't mention it / no thanks are needed
  No hay lugar a dudas There's no doubt / without a doubt
  No le aguantaba = no le soportaba I couldn't stand him / I couldn't cope with him
  No llega a un año (Lived somewhere) for less than a year
  No lo sé I don't know
  No merece la pena It's not worth it
  No me atrevo I don't dare
  No me extraña nada / no me extraña It doesn't surprise me at all
  No pasa nada No harm done
  No podiamos con ello We couldn't cope with it
  No se donde Wherever
  No sé qué Whatever
  No te entiendo I don't understand you
  No te preocupes Don't worry
  No tengo ni idea I don't have a clue
  No tiene que ver It's beside the point / it's got nothing to do with it / that isn't the reason
  Normas Standards
  Novatos Newbies / beginners
  Nublado Cloudy
  Nunca se atrevía He never dared to
  Obras Work, building site, repairs
  Ocurrir To happen, to occur
  ¡Oiga, por favor!  Excuse me, please!
  ¡Ole! Great, well done!
  Oscuro Dark, obscure, incomprehensible
  O sea A common meaningless pause in spoken Spanish, I mean, in other words
  Orgullo Proud
  Pancarta Placard
  Papel Role in life
  Papelería Stationer's
  Para For / in order to
  Para bajar To go down
  Para beber To drink
  Para mí For me
  Parece mentira It doesn't seem possible/it's incredible
  Parecido Similar
  Partida de nacimiento Birth cerificate
  Pasar de (hacer algo) To refuse (to do something)
  Pasarlo pipa To have a great time
  Patinaje sobre hielo Ice skating
  Peleona Feisty
  Peligrosidad Dangerous situation
  Pendiente Thoughtful
  Penoso = que causa pena Terrible / sad
  Perder tiempo Waste time
  Perdón Excuse me
  Perdóneme Forgive me
  Perjudicial Negative / bad eg for the health
  Pero bueno Anyway....
  Perpetrar To carry out
  Pesadilla Nightmare
  Pesao (pesado) Pain in the neck
  Picaresca Craftiness
  Pijo Posh
  Pinta muy mal  
  Piratería Pirating / illegal downloads
  Piripi Tipsy (not drunk)
  Piropo Compliment
  Pistas Clues
  Pizarra Blackboard
  Pobre Poor, unfortunate
  Pobrecito Poor thing
  Polémico Controversial, polemical (formal)
  Polideportivo Sports centre
  Ponerse nervioso To feel agitated, uneasy
  Ponerse rojo To get sunburned / to go red with embarrassment
  Te pones rojo You get sunburned
  Por ahi = mas o menos Round there = more or less
  Por casualidad By any chance / by coincidence
  Por eso / Por lo consiguiente / Por lo tanto / Así que Therefore
  Por favor Please
  Por favor acepta nuestras disculpas por las molestias Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience
  Por la mañana In the morning
  Por la tarde In the afternoon
  Por lo visto It seems / so I've heard
  Por si acaso Just in case
  Posiblemente Possibly
  Postiza Fake
  Precios asequibles Resonable prices
  Precioso Lovely / Beautiful
  Preocupación Worry / concern / anxiety
  Presupuesto (el) Budget
  Pretexto Excuse
  Primaveral Spring like
  Prognostico Forecast eg weather
  Prohibido Prohibited
  Prójimo Fellow man
  Promover To instigate
  Pronto Soon
  Proxima entrega Next instalment
  Púdica Chaste, modest, maidenly
  Pues nada Ah well
  ¡Qué asco! How disgusting!
  Que buena pinta - It looks delicious
  Que chulo What a show off
  ¡Qué fuerte! No way!
  ¿Qué ha pasado? What's happened?
  ¡Qué Locura! How Crazy!
  ¿Qué me recomiendas? What would you recommend?
  Quedar impresionada To be amazed
  Quehaceres Chores
  Quejarse To complain, moan, groan
  Quejica A moaner, complainer
  Querer decir To mean to say / to mean
  ¿Quién? Who?
  Quiero I want
  Quizá Perhaps
  Ración Portion
  Raja Tear, crack eg in a wall, ceiling, etc
  Raro Strange
  Raro es que + subjunctive It's unusual
  Rascacielos Skyscrapers
  Recalcar To emphasize, to stress
  Recaudar To collect / get money
  Recorrido = un ruta A trip
  Regalo de despedida Leaving present
  Regañar To tell someone off
  Regular So-so
  Reirse a gusto To have a good laugh
  Remo (de Remar) Oar (from to row)
  Rentable Profitable
  Repasar la cuenta To check the bill
  Repartir To share / distribute
  Resto Rest
  Retraso Delay
  Retrete, váter, inodoro The toilet
  Rico Delicious
  Rueda Wheel
  Ruiditos Little noises
  Rollo boring,
  Sacar To take out, remove, produce, receive, draw out, stick out, publish, release, get, serve
  Sacar partido To make the most of
  Salir del apuro To get out of a tight spot
  Saltar To jump, leap, hop, skip (over)
  Sea cual fuere whatever
  Se estilaba más Were in the habit of, used to do this
  Sea lo que sea Whatever that may be
  Según According to
  Sencillamente Simply
  Se me atraganta To choke, get stuck on a word
  Se me olvidó It slipped my mind
  Se porta He behaves
  Se te ve contento You look happy
  Semanal Weekly
  Ser clave To play a key role in something
  Ser estirado To be stuck up, distant, aloof
  Ser exagerado To go too far / to go over the top
  Ser factible To be feasible
  Ser guay To be cool
  Ser muy escéptico To be very sceptical
  Ser muy mono Sweet / cute
  Servicial Helpful
  Sesentón A sixty year old (person)
  Siempre Always, forever
  Siéntate Sit down
  Siento el retraso Sorry for the delay
  ¡Siga! Follow!
  Simpático Friendly / nice
  Sin madurar Unripe
  Sin querer Without meaning to / by mistake
  Sin tener que Without having to
  Sobre About / on
  Sobrepusar To overcome
  Sobre todo Above all / most of all
  Soleados Sunshine
  Solicitar = pedir To request
  Sombra Shade, shadow
  Sorprendente Surprising
  Soy yo It's me
  Subir de peso To put on weight
  Sueldos Wages / salaries
  ¡Suerte! Good luck!
  Sujetarse To grab hold,
  Superar To overcome
  Supongo... I suppose...
  Tal vez Maybe
  Tardar un montón To take ages (to do something)
  También Also
  Te descoloco un poco To unsettle / to disturb
  ¿Te molesta si...? Do you mind if...?
  Te sobresaltas To jump in surprise, to flinch
  Temas Themes, topics
  Temblar To tremble, shiver
  Temprano Early
  Tener encanto To have charm
  Tener goteras Leaks
  Tener ilusión  
  Tener la moral baja Feeling low
  Tener mala/buena pinta To look good/bad
  Tener mala leche To be in a very bad mood
  Tener mono de algo To be desperate for something eg drink
  Tener muchisima participación Lots of people take part
  Tener mucho tirón  
  Tener lugar To take place / to occur
  Tener que ver To have to do with
  Tener razón To be right / to be in the right
  Tener repercusión  
  Te refieres = quieres decir You mean to say
  Terrible Terrible / awful
  Te toca To win eg the lottery
  ¿Tiene? Do you have?
  Tiene mucha marcha There's lots of nightlife
  Tienen cabida There's room for / opportunities
  Timar To rip off, to con
  Tío Friend, guy
  Tipo Guy
  Tiquismisuis Fuss pot
  Tirando a pequeño Smallish (entre medio y pequeño)
  Tiras Comic strip
  Tirita Band-aid / plaster
  Todo lo más = como maximo As a maximum
  Todo lo más tienes The maximum
  Tomar el pelo To pull someone's leg / kid
  Tomar medidas To take measures, action
  Tomar por hecho To take for granted
  Tonto Dumb, foolish, stupid
  Tópico Stereotype or cliche
  Tranquilo Quiet
  Trenta y tantos Thirty something
  Troceada Chopped up
  Truco Stunt
  Tratar To treat, deal with, try
  Tratarse de To be about
  Tratar temas To deal with
  Trepar la cuerda To climb up the rope
  Últimamente Recently
  Una pasada de = muy Very
  Un poco A bit
  Unas patatas fritas Some chips
  Uniones Joints
  Va callado To go / move in silence
  Varón Masculine (formal description)
  Vecindario Neighbourhood
  ¡Venga! Come on!
  Veranear Pasar el verano o ir de vacaciones en verano
  ¡Vete! Go away!
  Vivienda Housing
  Vuelo Flight
Y Ya que Seeing that
  Yo que se = no lo se I don't know (informal)
  Ya sea Whether it is / they are
  Yendo Going

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