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Argentina is a federation of 23 provinces and an autonomous city, Buenos Aires. It is the eighth largest country in the world and makes up almost all the southern half of South America.

The 3 million square km of area includes the whole spectrum of land from enormous deserts to the highest mountains, from highly populated urban areas like Buenos Aires to remote desolate spots like southern Patagonia.

There are four major geographic areas. In the west, the immense mountain range of the Andes which separates the country from Chile, from north to south. In the north the Gran Chaco flats are subtropical, and there is the Misiones area which is more mountainous bordering Paraguay and Brazil. The rich agricultural wealth though is based in the central plains of the Pampas. In the south, the rolling plateau of Patagonia is rich in oil deposits.



Argentina es una federación de 23 provincias y una ciudad autónoma, Buenos Aires. Es el octavo país más grande del mundo y representa casi toda la mitad meridional de América del Sur.

Los 3 millones de kilómetros cuadrados de área incluye todo el espectro de la tierra de enormes desiertos a las montañas más altas, de densamente pobladas de las zonas urbanas como Buenos Aires a distancia puntos desolado como el sur de la Patagonia.

Hay cuatro zonas geográficas principales. En el oeste, la cordillera de los Andes inmensa que separa el país de Chile, de norte a sur. En el norte el Gran Chaco es subtropical, y hay el área de Misiones, que es más montañosa frontera con Paraguay y Brasil. La gran riqueza agrícola, aunque se basa en las llanuras centrales de las Pampas. En el sur, la meseta ondulada de la Patagonia es rica en yacimientos de petróleo.




Argentina has a diversified economic base and has good natural resources in the country. There is a buoyant services sector which accounts for about 60% of the GDP with manufacturing 20% and agriculture 10%. Exports of food stuffs and industrial products account for 90% of total, with the remainder being largely mining products.

Inflation has always been a problem, averaging 9% over recent years, and this has created significant political pressures for encumbent governments. They have responded well to the problems posed, and have attacked the global financial crises by making record public investments, subsidies and tax reductions. Argentina has the highest GDP per capital in Latin America and is one of the G-20 major economies.



Argentina tiene una base económica diversificada y tiene buenos recursos naturales en el país. Hay un sector de los servicios activos, que representa aproximadamente el sesenta por ciento del PIB con la fabricación de un veinte por ciento y la agricultura, el diez por ciento. Las exportaciones de productos alimenticios y los productos industriales representan el noventa por ciento del total, siendo el resto principalmente productos mineros.

La inflación ha sido siempre un problema, un promedio de nueve por ciento en los últimos años, y esto ha generado importantes presiones políticas de los gobiernos en razon. Ellos han respondido bien a los problemas planteados, y han atacado a la crisis financiera global mediante la inversión de registros públicos, los subsidios y reducciones fiscales. Argentina tiene el mayor PIB per cápita en América Latina y es una de las economías del G-20 más importantes.

Christmas in Argentina

The Christmas celebrations start in earnest on Christmas Eve with families gathering together for a special meal and drinks. This Christmas dinner includes a selection of the popular steak, pork, turkey, pies and breads, accompanied by champagne, wines, beer, cider, and fruit juices. The traditions of Argentina are a mix of European, American and Spanish cultures. The country is predominantly Roman Catholic, so Christmas is heavily influenced by religious traditions like Midnight Mass, where many go to celebrate. After Mass, children open some of their presents before going to bed, to leave their parents and adults chatting the night away.

On Christmas Day itself, picnics are often popular, especially if the weather is warm, which it usually is. Cool drinks are served, and dinner includes poultry and roast pork. The spectacularly adorned Christmas trees are surrounded by the family presents, like in Europe, and everyone enjoys opening the wrapped surprises!

Navidad en Argentina

Las celebraciones de Navidad comenzó en serio en la víspera de Navidad con las familias para reunir a un comidas y bebidas especiales. La cena de Navidad incluye una selección de la carne populares carne de cerdo, pavo, pasteles y pan, acompañado de champagne, vinos, cerveza, sidra, jugos de frutas. Las tradiciones de la Argentina son una mezcla de las culturas europeas, americanas y españolas. El país es predominantemente católica romana, por lo que la Navidad está fuertemente influenciado por las tradiciones religiosas como la misa de medianoche, donde muchos van a celebrar. Después de la misa, los niños abrir algunos de sus regalos antes de irse a la cama, para dejar a sus padres y adultos conversando toda la noche.

El mismo día de Navidad, días de campo son a menudo populares, sobre todo si el clima es cálido, lo que suele serlo. Refrescos se sirven, y la cena incluye aves de corral y cerdo asado. El espectacular decorado los árboles de navidad están rodeados por los regalos de la familia, como en Europa, y todo el mundo disfruta de la apertura de las sorpresas envueltas!


Soccer in Argentina

The national soccer team has been one of the most successful in the world winning over 25 international titles including 14 Copa de Americas, 2 World Cups, and 2 Olympic gold medals. The Argentine Football Association is one of the oldest in the world and oversees 3000+ teams and a third of a million players including women. These include the internationally renown River Plate and Boca Juniors clubs of Buenos Aires. However there are hundreds of top class players based abroad in Europe and elsewhere.




Fútbol en Argentina

El equipo nacional de fútbol ha sido uno de los más exitosos en el mundo ganó más de 25 títulos internacionales incluyendo 14 Copa América, 2 Copas Mundiales y 2 medallas de oro Olímpicas. La Asociación de Fútbol Argentino es una de las más antiguas del mundo y supervisa 3000+ equipos y una tercera parte de un millón de jugadores, entre ellos las mujeres. Estos incluyen el renombre internacional del Río de La Plata y Boca Juniors clubes de Buenos Aires. Sin embargo hay centenares de los mejores jugadores de clase con base en el extranjero en Europa y en otros lugares.


Los Glaciares National Park

This national park is in the Austral Andes in the south west of Santa Cruz bordering Chile. Its geography varies significantly from the ice and snow fields of the Andes in the west to the bare steppe of Patagonia in the east. There are spectacular mountains, enormous lakes and massive diversity of flora and fauna, especially in the woods. Glaciers start on the Ice Caps which account for half of the park. There are 47 large glaciers, some of which flow into the sea, and 200 smaller ones. Usually Glaciers exist at over 2500m but in this national park they originate at 1500m and flow down to 200m so they are much easier for visitors to see and admire. Over time, the thawing of vast amounts of water from these glaciers have created enormous lakes like Lago Argentino and Viedma which helped to create Rio Santa Cruz.



Random facts

Argentina is the third largest beef producer in the world. Buenos Aires has 30% of the population of Argentina. It is the 5th largest wine producer in the world. It has one of the highest movie watching rates in the world.

Although the word Argentina means Land of Silver, there is little silver in the country. The first criminal fingerprint identification was in Argentina in 1892. More than 20% of the votes in the 2001 election were invalid. At the age of 23, Aristotle Onassis, who went on to be the richest man in the world, was working as a humble dish-washer in a Buenos Aires restaurant. The world's first animated films were made and released in Argentina by Quirino Cristiani in 1917.

There is a duck in Argentina named the `Argentinian Vampire Duck!`. This duck has the habit of picking off lice from other ducks and Christian missionaries apparently thought that this was some kind of vampirism! Those crazy missionaries! In some parts of Argentina they speak Welsh. Found in Argentina, the ornate horned frog can eat an entire mouse with one swallow.



Argentine slang - Lunfardo

Che! - Hey, hey you, also meaningless interjection in any context!

Boludo/a - fool, idiot, used as a meaningless interjection among friends `che boludo`. Could also be anything from `you idiot` to `hey buddy` depending on the context of the situation.

Dale - OK, let`s do it!

Quilombo - A mess, disaster, disorder, commotion - que quilombo!

Mala leche - lit. bad milk, but means bad luck - Que Mala Leche

Morfar - to eat

Bondi - colectivo, a public bus

Medio pelo - Mediocre, not exception


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