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Spanishdict.com translation   A great free resource for translation assistance. It offers a choice of three well-respected internet translation organisations, so you always get quality translations options on anything you need.

University Languages: Spanish   The Open University provides high quality distance learning for all, visit this web page to discover more about how the OU approaches Spanish tuition. There are also some excellent free resources on learning Spanish!
Unispain   Study Spanish at a wide variety of locations in Spain. Unispain have an excellent reputation for arranging unforgettable experiences studying in Spain. Check out their past students testamonials - they are impressive.
La Aventura Española   Seriously fun courses in Madrid. A variety of options are offered at this language school in the heart of the exciting capital city of Spain.
Spanish Classes in Colombia   Learn Spanish in Bogota Colombia, Spanish courses, classes and lessons forforeigners, Volunteer, Experience-based knowledge, unforgettable experience.Whee Institute - be part of our Family!
Language School   Find a language school. Worldwide language schools directory.
Spanish Immersion   Learn Spanish at our Spanish language School in Buenos Aires Argentina. Study Spanish in Argentina, speak Spanish and live Spanish. Also Medical Spanish, Spanish for Kids, volunteer work. Win free Spanish lessons!
Huddersfield Language School   Welcome to Huddersfield Language School. If you are looking for the best language tuition in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and surrounding areas you have arrived at the right place. . HLS has gathered together some of the top language tutors in Huddersfield and West Yorkshire. With over 100 years cumulative experience and a wealth of teaching knowledge and skills we offer unrivalled fun, innovative & creative language courses at fantastic prices
Quechua Language   Learn quechua language at our Spanish school in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco Peru: quechua courses, volunteer work. Also Spanish lessons in Cusco and Manu
Spanish for Kids   Spanish for Kids. Spanish Course in Peru for families in Peru. Learning Spanish in Cusco. Spanish language school offers Spanish courses and culture classes for adults, professionals, executives
Bright Spark Spanish   Study Spanish with Spark Spanish who have fresh approach to Spanish learning. Situated in the sunny south of Spain, next to 5 of the nicest beaches in Spain, while also having the opportunity to mould your course to suit you.. Be that learning Spanish Dance, Sport, Sailing, Super Cool, Tennis and more. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural activity that southern Spain has to offer` Bright Spark Spanish: a fresh approach to Spanish learning book now and don`t miss out! Tu aprendizaje, nuestra passion`
Learn Spanish in Merida, Mexico   The Spanish Center Merida offers year-round courses in Mexico`s safest city.
Vocabulix   Learn Spanish with excellent range of free online resources including: vocabulary builder; Spanish verbs; and details of 75 language schools throughout the world.
Spanish Language and cultural centres   Learn Spanish with Solexico , and experience the beauty of Mexico and its people
Enforex Language Schools   Learn Spanish in Spain and Latin America Spanish Schools. Enforex is a leading organisation trusted by students who want to learn Spanish through linguistic and cultural immersion programs at Spanish Schools Throughout Spain and Latin America
B.A. Plus Spanish Language School in Buenos Aires   Spanish Language Immersion Courses in Buenos Aires at a certified language school. Take flexible Spanish programs with a talented and dedicated staff. Learn the language and culture of Argentina and South America.
Spanish schools   Find a Spanish language school with our worldwide language schools directory.
SpanishDict   The world leader in Spanish translation and learning. Enjoy 60 free videos on learning Spanish, coupled with 10,000 verb conjugations and over 1 million translations. Surely the premier resource on the internet.
E-Spanish - Online resources for Spanish learning   This site was created for Spanish learners and has a large selection of excellent free resources.
Certstaff.com-learning Spanish   Certified Staffing Solutions specializes in providing computer training and instructors nationwide. Their instructors are professional trainers and utilize hands-on exercises to reinforce lecture. Each averages more than 5 years delivering classes to business professionals.
Hope Education   Hope supply Spanish and other subject learning resources to primary and secondary schools and support several charities and organisations such as the Woodland Trust, NDNA, NSPCC, SOS Children’s Villages, and Shelter Box
Resources for Spanish teaching and learning   An organized collection of excellent resources to aide teachers in lesson planning and students in language learning. A really useful website for a variety of Spanish related topics.
Spanish language school in Playa del Carmen   Learn Spanish in Mexico and Playa del Carmen with our language school located 5 minutes walking from the beach, our school offers courses from beginners to advanced levels.
Spanish Resources   The most complete Spanish resources directory on the internet.
Best Spanish Websites   This site of Jim Becker is just so much fun and filled with superb content of every description. You can learn a lot from this resource and improve your Spanish to another level, or you can just be entertained!
SpanishSpanish   This website has masses of good resources for learning Spanish. Highly recommended. Also further resources available for annual membership of only $9.99.
Study Spanish   Learn Spanish in Latin America with AMAUTA! To best learn the Spanish language, choose a Spanish school that provides you with more than just Spanish lessons.
Spanish   Spanish language guide, the right site to learn Spanish language. Some really good resources and links here to help you improve your Spanish.
Tutor Hunt.com   Interested in personal tutor attention to improve your Spanish ( or any other subject). Search this useful website for the nearest tutors to your address.
Online Schooling   Attending Online Schooling can save you on housing, textbooks, and transportation expenses
Learn Spanish Free   Free Spanish lessons online including grammar lessons, vocabulary lists, and a blog.
Spanish Word-a-Day   A free word-of-the-day subscription to improve your Spanish vocabulary. Features words, synonyms, Spanish jokes, riddles, recipes and more!
AMAUTA   Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru or Buenos Aires Argentina at the excellent AMAUTA Spanish Language School: Spanish Classes and Spanish Immersion programs and volunteer work, Study Spanish now.
loMasTv   An online video magazine for Spanish learners who wish to improve their Spanish skills. Authentic Spanish videos include television programs, music videos, interviews, documentaries, and travel. Only LoMásTv offers Spanish and English captions, pitch-correct slow play, integrated dictionaries and listening exercises. Has free demo videos, then costs $9.95/month.
Spanish Electronic Dictionary   Kingdict.com provide multinational handheld,portable electronic talking dictionaries & translators with more than 40 languages.
Segwaytrips in Madrid   Find some fun tours in Madrid to sample the city: its cuisine, tapas, Flamenco, historic places, nightlife, shopping or just chill out. If you are visiting Madrid, make sure you check out this website.
Spanish Fiestas   If you are planning to visit Spain you will find tourist information on all of Spain’s major cities and holiday resorts together with advice on how to travel around one of Europe’s most exciting tourist destinations. This website is one of the best on the internet, so fully utilise it!
Travel Agency Latinamerica   Dos Manos Travel Agency: vacation in Latin America with tours, excursions, hotels, spanish schools, volunteer work. Visit Machu Picchu, Patagonia, Galapagos, Buenos Aires, Cusco, Mexico, Cancun
Choquekirao   El monumento arqueológico de Choquekirao corresponde a una Ciudad Inca que fue dividida en sectores, cada uno con diversas funciones y que se comunicaban con la plaza mayor por medio de muchos caminos. Esta construcción en forma de cuadrado tuvo diferentes usos, podemos apreciar que tenía un carácter ceremonial y también 2 niveles que pudieron haber sido usados como vivienda.
Travel Guide Buenos Aires   Travel guide to Buenos Aires Argentina, city travel and adventure travel, hotels, Spanish schools.
Arequipa Peru   Arequipa Peru Travel Guide. Find information about Hotels, tourist information, photo tour, hotel in Arequipa, History, tourist attraction, Colca Canyon tours.
Volunteer Work  South  America   Becoming a volunteer in South America  is an exciting and rewarding experience that will change your life. Prepare before you travel by researching each of the Latin American  countries that you are interested in doing volunteer work in. Some specialize in certain types of volunteer jobs more so than others so it is important to be informed.

Alicante Spain Travel Guide


Discover why Alicante City is one of the most vibrant cities in Spain. Beaches, festivals, entertainment, shopping, restaurants, golf and much more!


Empresa de Deportes de Aventura


Exciting adventure holidays in Spain. If you are looking for lots of fun and thrills, book a holiday and enjoy from the following: Multiaventura, paintball, rafting, canyoning, quad biking, potholing, canoeing, bungee jumping, and more!

Join Spain  

Join Spain gives a good range of tourist advice and information about travel in Spain. There are many useful tips, and includes articles on travel, hotels, beaches,outdoor activities, cuisine, wine, golf and more.


The island is so good they named it twice, let www.menorcaminorca.co.uk guide you through everything about this excellent destination in the Balearics.

GoMadrid   Great website on the city of Madrid on accommodation, food, wine, activities, and much more. Good content on Spanish language learning.
Traveling in Spain  

Very comprehensive information on all aspects of travel in Spain from Jerrold's Travel Guides


Tu alojamiento económico en España y tus mejores ofertas y cupones descuento. En Yourspainhostel tienen las mejores ofertas para ti sin coste, solo tienes que pinchar y tendrás tu código promocional.

APARTAMENTO.ES   Check out the holiday apartments available on apartamento.es: spacious and modern apartments available. These are particularly advisable if you are travelling in a large group or if you prefer more space than the average hotel room provides.
ALMERIA SPAIN   Almeria Spain. Directory for property, holidays, business and information
Information and photographs in over 100 categories with interactive maps, towns and history, virtual tours, holiday rentals, hotels, property sales, estate agents, audio phrase book, shops, bars, restaurants, beaches, places of interest and so much more.
SUCULENTO   Food made fun, Suculento is an established supplier of new and exclusive gourmet Spanish food, drawing on a deep knowledge of Spanish culture and gastronomy, they offer high quality specialist products.
CULINARY DISCOVERIES   Culinary Discoveries offers you "four-course" vacations, where you discover the regional cuisines of Spain. Many times the first and perhaps only images of Spanish cuisine and culture are paella, sangria and flamenco, but there is so much more to Spanish cuisine.
CATACURIAN   Catacurian Culinary Vacations - El Priorat, Spain. Courses in Gourmet Catalan-Spanish cooking and appreciation of El Priorat / Montsant wines


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- Día de San Valentín (Valentine's)
- El Colacho (Baby jumping)
- Las Fallas (Festival of fire)
- La Tomatina (Tomato fight)
- San Fermin (Running of the bulls)
Semana Santa (Holy Week-Easter)
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