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Hotel Cleopatra


Hotel Cleopatra Palace is one of the three excellent hotels which make up the Mare Nostrum Resort which is located in a prime location adjacent to Playa del Camison in Playa de Las Americas in Tenerife. You receive a lovely warm welcome on arrival where the friendly and professional staff ensure you feel at home immediately you step inside the reception of the hotel. A refreshing glass of Cava is offered to you while everything you need to know about your stay is comprehensively explained. These first impressions of the hotel are very important and it`s comforting to think that your holiday is going to be really enjoyable if this continues.

The hotel is comprised of three buildings: Cleopatra; Marco Antonio; and Julio Cesar. This is the front of the main reception at Cleopatra, where all guests of the hotel first arrive to check in. The bright illumination, balustrades and marble flooring give a stunning first impression. This is quickly reinforced by the helpful and informative staff. Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-entrance.jpg


  Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-entrance-marco-antonio.jpg The entrance lobby at the Marco Antonio building. There is card key security to the main doors which is operated by the same key as for your room. Again the marble, lighting and elegant furniture create a strong appearance of opulence.
A view looking across the lobby and towards the inner quadrangle of the hotel. In daylight, you can see the pool and extensive sunbed area and facilities. Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-marco-antonio-lobby.jpg  
This is one of two incredible four storey high chandeliers which light up the entire hotel. You will not see many lighting fixtures as impressive as these stunning arrangements.
Inside one of the large typical rooms letting out onto a smart balcony overlooking a spectacular panorama of the pool area of the hotel and surrounding area. Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-room.jpg  
  Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-balcony-view1.jpg The view from a balcony on the third floor of Marco Antonio across the sunbathing/pool area towards the Julio Cesar building.

The view back towards the main Cleopatra building. The elegant romanesque pool also has a smaller pool for young children and a jacuzzi for lovers of bubbling waters. The hotel offers free daily use of large clean towels for the pool area and beach.



Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-balcony-view-pyramid.jpg The unique view of the Pyramid of Arona from the balcony of a room on the third floor of Marco Antonio. This houses the theatre where the celebrated productions of Carmen Mota take place.
Someone in the hotel management obviously likes mirrors because they were all over the place. You can see in this shot that even the large columns were multi-sided mirrors. This adds to the overall elegance of the hotel decor and is very eye-catching.

  Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-groundfloor2.jpg At one end of the ground floor of Marco Antonio there is a bar and snack area where drinks, small meals and sandwiches can be ordered throughout the day. The staff will serve anything you require and bring it to you in the sun-loungers area.
The impressive Romanesque columns which surround the pool. You can lie back in the water and pretend you are an aristrocrat back in Roman times. The pool is continually supervised all through the day and is large enough to take some serious exercise if you wish. Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-pool.jpg  
  Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-dining-room1.jpg The main dining area in the Cleopatra block provides a wonderful open vista of the balustraded stairs and balconies of all four floors. This creates such a roomy feeling compared with the sometimes rather stuffy atmosphere of some hotel dining rooms. The waiters are very vigilant and helpful in catering for your needs.
Another view of the extensive dining room of the hotel. This gives a good impression of the roominess of the area. There is also an extensive area all down the left hand side through the double doors which can be seen on this image. Tenerife-cleopatra-hotel-dining-room2.jpg  
On Monday evenings throughout most of the year, the staff of the hotels put on a song and dance spectacular at the Pyramid of Arona for guests of the Mare Nostrum Resort. Do not miss this show because it is absolutely tremendous. The staff work very hard to present a truly professional show. They have the help of one or two professional musicians and singers, like the girl in the image.
This is our friend Sandra who is a receptionist by day and one of the main dancers in the staff show. She has so much energy and dancing ability that you might think she was a professional dancer. The show ends with Sandra flying into a full body lift into the air by one of the other main dancers. Very impressive for an ex-English teacher from Madrid! Tenerife-Cleopatra-Staff-show-Sandra.jpg  
  Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-gala-food-spread.jpg On Halloween, the hotel put on a special Gala evening for all guests. This is held in the restaurant below the theatre of the Pyramid of Arona. The buffet was truly excellent accompanied by copious amounts of wine or soft drinks.
The waiters of the hotel enter into the spirit of the Halloween evening! You could just about recognize them at breakfast the following morning. Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-gala-night-scary-waiters.jpg  
  Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-gala-scary-staff.jpg These ghoulish characters were wandering around scaring guests! No, they were actually very friendly helpful young staff.
Just a reminder that you are in a tropical country - banana plant just outside the dining room area. These were pretty impressive specimens! Not for eating. Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-banana-plant.jpg  
  Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-external-marco-antonio.jpg A view from the outside path of Marco Antonio block, looking away from the sea and towards the Avenida de las Americas.
A view outside Marco Antonio looking down towards the playa, just 80 metres away. On the right is the enormous Parque Santiago III. Tenerife-hotel-cleopatra-external-view-to-playa.jpg  

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