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Useful grammar and vocabulary from the Spanish class

25 Enero 2022 Class

Vocabulario de Encanto - Dos Oruguitas - two small caterpillars

enamorado - in love

buscar algun rincon - to search for some retreat

sigue cambiando - keeps changing

paran el viento - they stop the wind

aguantarse - to hold on

hacia adelante - forwards

seguiras - you will follow / keep moving

milagros - miracles

desorientado - disoriented

los capullos - cocoons

bien abrigadas - well-wrapped

ya solo falta - now all that's missing

ya son milagros - there are already miracles


13 May 2021 Class

The Future tense used to express probability or conjecture

English expressions of probability eg I wonder, it's probably, it might etc are translated in spanish by using the future tense. Verbs like estar, haber, ser and tener are commonly used. This is not surprising because they can be used to express - 'will be..' 'will have...'

What time is it? It's probably seven o'clock (It will be seven o'clock) - Seran las siete

I wonder who has the books? Natalia probably has them (Natalia will have them) - Las tendra Natalia.

Useful vocabulary from the meeting

congelacion - frost

por separado (separadamente) - separately

darse cuenta de - to realize

sustituir - to replace

para dejar las cosas para manana - to procrastinate

apagar - to put out, turn out eg fire, light

gotear - to drip


29 April 2021 Class

refuerzo - booster, reinforcing (eg vaccine jab)

travieza - mischevious

golpeando - putting (golf)

no mucho, nada diferente, lo mismo de siempre - not much (what have you done)

sistemo digestivo - digestive system

teniendo en cuenta que - considering that

a diferencia de - in contrast to

magullado - bruised (eg arm after vaccination!)

30 March 2021 Class

consentir - to spoil, consentido - spoilt

movar las palances - pull some strings

lo que paso - what happened

nada se movia - nothing was moving

anchos - wide


he hecho - I have done


he podido - I have been able

dar a luz - to give birth

avergonzado - embarrassed

crucigrama - crossword

sopa de letras - wordsearch

la nuera - daughter in law

raro - strange

inusual - unusual

cada uno - each other

gritar - to shout

aterizar - to land (plane)

quedar - to stay

la mayoría - most of them

la mayor parte - most of

más - most

quejarse - to complain

queja - a complaint

prismáticos/vinoculares - binoculars

testamento - will

mochilo - back-pack

mochileros - backpackers

la fuente - source (river)

exilo - exile

mencionar - to mention

expulsar - to exile/expel

soler - to be used

yo solía jugar - I used to play

darse cuenta de - to realise

me doy cuenta - I realise

nos dimos cuenta - we realised

atrapar - to catch

de repente - suddenly

cascabel - rattlesnake

cuentos - stories

tijeras - scissors

lianas - vines

ladridos - barking

botoiquin - first aid

brujula - compass

te echo mucho de menos - I miss you a lot

rara - weird

metiste la pata - to put your foot in it

divertida - entertaining

sobrevivir - to survive

sobrevivientes - survivors

autobiografía - autobiography

autores - authors

pedir prestado - to ask to borrow

nombre de seria - name of the series

preocupado - worried

abuelo/a - grandfather/mother

nieto/a - grandson/daughter

sobrino/a - nephew/niece

tio/a - uncle/aunt

parientes - family relatives

cuñado(a) - brother in law (sister in law)

solapa (o ancho) - wide lapel (on jacket, etc)

corbata - tie

cuello - collar

primo/a - cousin

apagado (o desraido) - faded

pez espada - swordfish

boda - wedding

coche deportivo - sports car

suegra/o - mother in law/father in law

pelo largo - long hair

tela - cloth

tejer - weave (cloth)


Present Perfect

he, has, ha, hemos, habéis, han + PAST PARTICIPLE, e.g. hablado, comido, vivido

I, you, he/she/it, we, you(plural), they were - speaking, eating, living


Verbs taking: me, te, le, nos, os, - Gustar, Encantar, Facinar


I like - me gusta; you like - te gusta; he likes - le gusta; nos gusta - we like; os gusta - you like

I love -me encanta; you love - te encanta; he loves - le encanta; we love - nos incantar; etc


more than - más que

less than - menos que

In expressions including more or less than a number or quantity, need to use más de or menos de examples:

hay más de 30 personas en el teatro

tengo menos de 100 libras en la cuenta

the most pretty - la más bonita

the most intelligent - el más inteligente

the least - la menos/ el menos

muchísimos - the best (absolute tops)

bono/los bonos - bonus/bonuses

sueldo - salary

subida de suelda - instead of salary

cuentas - accounts

sucursal - branch bank

la matriz - head office

jergo - jargon

hipoteca - mortgage company

gastos - expenses

a más de - besides (on top of)

quitar - remove

grano - grain

maiz - corn

centeno - rye

trigo - wheat

espalda - back

Ecuadorean tongue twister: tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en un trigal


The weather has been pretty dire in the UK over the last month, so it was entirely relevant to look at vocabulary and constructions involving the weather. The accompanying verbs used are: HACER (mostly used when there is nothing visible)

eg hace frío - it is cold; hace sol - it is sunny.

HAY is used when you can see something (tip - 'eye')

eg hay nieve - it is snowy; hay lluvía - it is raining.

ESTAR - you just need to learn them!

eg está lloviendo - it is raining; está nevando - it is snowing; está nublado - it is cloudy;

See the crossword on the free Spanish resources page for other examples.

Hasta luego

la crisis de crédito - the credit crunch

un círculo vicioso - vicious circle

aprovechar - to take advantage

ganar/perder - win/lose

prender la calefacción - turn on the heating

cubiertos - cutlery

las colinas - the hills

ciervos - deer

jubilado - retired

acero inoxidable - stainless steel

hubo - there was

fábrica - factory

edificio - building

estuvo hablando - I was talking

lanzo - throw

golpiar - to hit

borde de Escocia - Scottish borders

anduvimos - we walked

pájaro - bird

pareja - couple

paraje - small road

ciervos - deer

los sucesos - causes

deshacer el nudo - untie the knot

rebasa el vaso - straw which broke the camel's back

una vez - once

mientras tanto - meanwhile

ponerse - to become; me pongo - I become

ponerse (la ropa) - to put on clothing

ajustarse los cinturones - tighten your belts

banca rota - bankrupt

lograr - to succeed

cartero - postman

la gente buen sentido del humor - people with good sense of humour

cuidar de - to look after

vejez - old age

llegar a ser - to become (develop into)

quizás -perhaps


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