In the pharmacy - En la farmacia

Here is a typical dialogues which will provide you with useful phrases and vocabulary for when you need to visit the pharmacy.

Situation 1: Making friends

In the local bar, a friendly looking local with a Barcelona football shirt smiles at you when you enter the bar.

You – Hi, do you support Barca
Yes of course they are the best team in Europe, we can beat anyone including Real Madrid. You are English aren’t you, do you follow any team.

Yes I support Liverpool, they are doing well this year in the Premiership
Are they in the Champions League competition

Yes, in fact there is a good chance we could meet Barca later in the competition
That’s great, it would be a good game. I know Gerrard, Alonso of course, and Bellamy are all good players. Of course we have Ronaldinho, Gudjohnsen, Guily, Etu and Deco, so yes it would be a good match.

I’m Richard Bond, what’s you name
My name is Fernando Guitarrez, and I live near Barcelona. Where do you live

I am originally from Liverpool, but now I live near Sheffield
Ah yes I know Sheffield, I used to work in a steelworks and we sometimes bought steel from Sheffield.  What do you do for an occupation

I have a small business of my own, we make things for the automobile industry
That sounds interesting, what type of things

You know the material of the seats, we make that. What do you do now since you left the steelworks
Oh I have a much easier job nowadays, I drive a tourist bus around Barcelona

That’s sound good fun, how do you like the tourists
Most of them are nice people and it is good fun, but sometimes you get difficult customers. That’s life really isn’t it

In your free time you obviously watch the football, but what are your other interests
My other love is golf. I play at least once a week at a club near my home and managed to get my handicap down to fifteen.  Do you play

Yes I do, I’ve just been playing for two years now but I really like the game.
Why don’t we have a game sometime this week, I will invite you to our club as my guest.

That would be fantastic, yes I would really like that.
OK it’s a deal then. I will lend you my spare set of clubs they are good quality you will find them easy to use.







Situation 2: Plasters - Situación 2: Tiritas

What types of plasters do you have? Because my husband cut his foot on a sharp shell on the beach.
¿Qué tipos de tiritas tiene? Porque mi marido le cortó el pie en una concha afilada en la playa.

We have this standard range of sanitised plasters of varying sizes. How big a plaster do you need?
Tenemos una gama estándar de tiritas desinfectadas en tamaños variados. ¿Qué tamaño de tirita necesita?

It is a fairly large cut, so I think we need a large one please
Es un corte bastante grande así que creo que necesitamos una grande por favor.

Will this size be OK?
¿Está bien este tamaño?

Yes I think that will do just fine.
Sí me parece bien.

That will be seven euros in total please.
Será siete euros en total por favor.










At the car hire

At the airport cafe

At the petrol station

At the hotel

At the restaurant

At the beach

At the supermarket

At the local cafe

At the car hire

At the airport cafe

At the petrol station

At the hotel

At the restaurant

At the beach

At the supermarket

At the local cafe


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